The Rum Story

10am - 4pm Last admissions 3pm

Imagine... being taken back in time to an exotic rainforest in the Caribbean... and that is just the start of your Great Adventure in The Rum Story.

On your journey you will discover the origins of Whitehaven's part in the trade of enslaved people - from African villages to the sugar plantations on the island of Antigua.

You will hear tales of Blackbeard and piracy on the high seas, smugglers, and Nelsons Navy... See Elliot Ness's office in the gangster days of the Jazz Age... and discover the story of Whitehaven's maritime fortunes and the Jefferson's family's trading past.

Situated in the original cellars and bonded warehouses of 1785, The Rum Story has carefully recreated each set to capture the essence of the time and place, from the decadence of the punch houses to snoring sailors and pirates.... and , if you dare, walk to the end of the cellar - is it really haunted?

Many of The Rum Story's Settings are so authentic that they are used for TV dramas and period films - including a scene from 'Miss Potter'.
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